Who is rosie from corrie dating

13-May-2018 05:38

Fans also made note of the fact that Rosie had called herself "Rosie Barlow", not Rosie Webster, in the scene.Could this mean that Rosie has her sights set on handsome Adam Barlow, who works as a solicitor in Todd's firm?Rosie escaped when Fiz accidentally found her, and John was sent to prison.

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Taxi driver Don Brennan drove her mum Sally to hospital when she went into labour alone at home, but Sal ended up giving birth on the back seat in Rosamund Street – hence, she chose the name Rosie for her first born.

CORRIE fans were not sure whether to applaud or burst out laughing on tonight's show when glamorous Rosie Webster managed to convince Gemma Winter's bullies she was her lawyer.

The Weatherfield lass went all Legally Blonde as she used a very convincing spiel against the two trolls, threatening them with prison - after they set up a fake dating profile with Gemma's picture.

Corrie viewers took aim at the costume department on Friday after Rosie Webster was shown exercising in a pink bra.

Fans slammed the soap for making Helen Flanagan, the actress who plays Rosie, wear only a sports bra to work out.

Viewers accused the soap of using the actresses figure as a ‘ratings grab’ method of getting more people to tune in.