Who is adina howard dating

10-Dec-2017 04:36

(The lab where the test was done turned out to be fake).

The non-disclosure agreement you had with the Jacksons was because you had a prior friendship with the family from when you were working with Joe Jackson? It’s about being strong and being a warrior and really taking care of yours and feeling good about it.

I don't want to be introduced to people that have never heard of me as being this. And then the people around me that I personally know, became, you know, real opportunists and weird. Whatever that stuff is going around, it's going to die. Because in this business as a family, you create a family of artists, you know. It's because when media gets things—and it’s coming from like the housekeeper, maybe a personal assistant, and they're telling their business. So we did that then, like maybe two years ago because I don't want to be talking about this.