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16-Nov-2017 07:21

The whole point of backing up is, in the event your computer (hard drive) crashes, you do not lose your files or documents.

So if the hard drive crashes, how are you going to reach your drive D where you have backed up your files?

So why does anybody need a special software or utility to make copies? True, but for backup purposes we are making copies of hundreds or even thousands of files that are in our computer.

To make copies of all these files manually, will take tremendous amount of time and work. The backup utility automates the process once it is told exactly which files and folders need to be backed up.

These are very easy to use, quite inexpensive, re-usable, reliable, small, does not scratch, easy to store and they can hold fairly large amount of data.

Flash drives come in various capacities from 1 GB to about 64 GB (may be even more).

In other word's, if your computer has a hard drive capacity of 500 GB, your external hard drive for the purpose of backing up should also be 500 GB. I have heard people saying, "I have partitioned my hard drive in two parts, C and D.

If you are still using XP your computer is no longer protected from thousands of dangers lurking in the cyberspace. In the event of a disaster, this utility can save you from a lot of trouble and protect you from losing your documents.

This may be true for extremely important computer systems like those used by NASA, or U. Defense Department, or the airlines companies, or banks etc.

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