Updating php linux

12-Dec-2017 06:42

However, if they are refused or unable to do so, it's high time to switch to a reliable provider.

Most c Panel based hosting provider allow you to update PHP version from your c Panel.

There create a new file (or edit the existing one) called .htaccess and add the following line: To switch to PHP 5.6 This setting will apply recursively to all of the subdirectories.

In case you'd like to have a different version of PHP in a subdirectory, create a new .htaccess file in it with the directive for the desired PHP version in it.

It is used generally for creating dynamic web pages or for dynamic images on websites.

In this tutorial, we will learn to install & also to upgrade PHP to latest version i.e.

Amend the above command for any other subsequent PHP releases.

Last updated on March 12th, 2018 at pm PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely used open source scripting language that is used mainly for web development.

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So for installing php 7 on your systems, we need to add some repositories.

If you are running Ubuntu 14.04 or below you can update using this commands : Your PHP version is upgraded now and you just need to restart your server Apache : sudo service apache2 restart Nginx : sudo service nginx restart Upgrading to PHP 7 require a little amount of extra work.

Depends on your webserver you can perform this commands. This will upgrade all of the important PHP packages, with the exception of php5-mysql, which will be removed.

PHP 7 is already released and it's a breakthrough of PHP history.

So, its high time to upgrade your server PHP version to PHP 7 or at least 5.6 .At this point, you should have PHP 7.x up and running on your server!Once installed, you will want to restart your web server and your fast process manager (if you use one) and you should be good to go!One additional note, the PPA I mentioned in this article is provided free of charge by Ondřej Surý.