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Trust me on this one.) • “I’m into fitness and I’d expect my woman to put just as much effort into her body.” (Guaranteed to provoke an “oh, just knob off” response, even from the most dedicated fitness fanatics.) Passive-aggressive profiles. The good news is that shared humour is an excellent indicator of whether you’re compatible, so write whatever makes you laugh. While glaring omissions in your profile look suspicious, try to keep everything to a short-ish paragraph.

When you are in the throes of high-intensity post-break-up emotional distress, it is not the time to write your profile. Most typically in my experience men lie about their height (I’m almost 6ft and apparently so is every man on the internet) and being a smoker, both of which are instantly obvious on a first date. While the above mistakes were frequently made, every 20 or so profiles would be an absolute gem. NOT a "professional headshot" (they are inexplicably creepy) and something where we can actually see what you really look like – not because we are superficial, but because no one likes waiting at a crowded train station frantically scanning the faces of passers-by in a really obvious "I’m waiting for a date" manner. If it makes her laugh, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great first date.

There is almost no animal life, just walls of stone and water surrounding you.

But for those who practice cave diving it is a way of life, the passion to discover new hidden worlds overcoming all else.

How do you explain to your family and friends what you are doing down there?

It's cold, dark, deep and apparently a hostile environment.

Last year we conducted a survey of GUE students, members, instructors, and anyone else we could reach to learn more about what you want from GUE.

We are in a unique position as both a training agency and a global nonprofit organization... It was 1878 in the Sauerland, Mid-Germany, when miners started tunnelling the first adit in a mountain, to get to the deposits of slate inside.

Whether that’s making new strides in comfortable scuba fins or incorporating the latest technology into our diving computers, we lead the scuba gear industry by keeping the customer—you—in mind with every innovation.

read more We are in Cala Gonone Bay, East Sardinia, where several underwater caves have already been explored and mapped by local and foreigner cave divers but with low work on scientific aspects; the elements that could help in understanding the evolution of these caves and how they have and continue to interact with..more Divers from the non-profit Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) discovered a 2,000 year old sacrificial altar while exploring an ancient wreck in 400 feet of water.