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21-Feb-2018 13:04

This may have been in reference to a (widely misinterpreted) recent statement by the Coalition president Ahmed Jerba.

Alloush also referred to the recent deal between the National Coalition and the Kurdish National Council, and was upset that this will (he thinks) splinter Syria and change its name from the Syrian Arab Republic to the Syrian Republic. The fellow from the Tawhid Brigade informed me that more statements are in the making.

No: the reason that the Northern Storm Brigade has suddenly gone all Islamist is that they desperately seek protection from Tawhid, after being beaten up by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Perhaps they also figure that this alliance might be the only thing big and mean enough to actually crush the Islamic State.

That they also formally commit themselves to sharia as the “sole source of legislation” is not as a big a deal as it may seem.

In a statement posted online, they fell over themselves to explain how they’ve always been all about implementing sharia law. The Northern Storm Brigade leaders are, or so the story goes, a bunch of ex-smugglers from Aazaz, with no particularly clear ideological agenda.

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