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The first Prussian schools were simple one-room schools, however already as of 1773 Friedrich Eberhard von Rochow set up a model school with primary education in two age related classes.

In Ireland, free primary education was mandated in 1931, prompting the establishment of many single-teacher National Schools across rural areas, most initially using a room in an existing building. Most extant one- and two-room school buildings date from the decades after 1891 when primary education became compulsory.

Single, female teachers were more often billeted or boarded with a local family to provide for social norms requiring social supervision of single females.

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The teacher's residence, or teacherage, was often attached to the school, or very close by, so that a male teacher's wife and family were an integral part of the management and support system for the school.Examples include remote parts of the American West, the Falklands, and the Shetland Islands.The state sponsored system was introduced in the late 18th century and has had widespread influences since.In the Midwest, sod construction was also used, as well as stone and adobe in areas like the Southwest where trees were scarce.

In some locations, the schoolhouse was painted red, but most seem to have been white.Examination of the materials in this building indicates that boards and timbers were hand-sawed and also hand-planed. Except for the roof and a few boards in the floor, all of the material in this building is original. It was not until much later that slate was used for chalkboards, although students often had individual slates for writing practice.Teachers in one-room schools were often former students themselves.Often, town meetings and picnics were also held there.