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Stubbs: Mobility is transformational for HHS agencies.Mobility transforms how citizens engage with HHS and how agency workers get their work done.Mobility tools also empower HHS caseworkers to leave their desks and spend more time out in the field, with their clients, doing the work that matters most.Caseworkers also can be more engaged and make better-informed decisions in the field, with access to essential information—when and where they need it.For example, using a phone to take pictures of supporting documents to support a claim removes the need for mailing, scanning, faxing or hand delivering documents.With more self-service options for clients, HHS agencies also save on stationery, printing and mailing costs—and that’s before measuring call-center savings.

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Diona was founded in 2012 by Graham and two other veterans of the health and human services (HHS) IT industry.

Stubbs: From a single, intuitive and friendly interface, clients can get a unified view of interactions with their HHS agency.