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But also go to that college social, play pool (though you haven't picked up a pool stick in over six years) and spend way more time than you planned just talking and laughing with people who feel just as lost and hopeful as you.What do you really want to remember when you look back on the (school) year: the moments your chronic disease got "in the way," or the moments you fully enjoyed life, chronic illness be damned?And, slowly, I know I can find a group where I feel like I belong.Give yourself that extra half an hour to lie in bed, your whole body tired and achy.But the mindset I apply to these detours - at my best, a mindset of self-love and acceptance and patience for myself and others - can make all the difference. And know that, through both the challenges and successes of being a college student with a chronic illness, you are not alone.There’s no doubt in my mind that law school is hard on relationships.This post is for the college students who envy their "normal" classmates.Even more broadly, this post is for anyone who is scared that their chronic disease will keep them from achieving their dreams.

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I’ve managed to tank two perfectly good relationships myself by paying more attention to law school than my then-girlfriend.I also know about the isolation often triggered by being "different" than the average college student.My fellow grad students bond over stories of 3 AM visits to Taco Bell and late nights at the bar.But I can find people who also love moving their bodies through long walks in grassy fields.

I can attend get-togethers for the company instead of the food.

You - more than anyone else, perhaps even your doctor - know what your body needs, and you can do your best to give your body all the food, sleep and extra care it cries out for.

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