Books for christian teen dating

03-Oct-2017 20:56

You might wonder why I, a 26-year-old single woman with no kids, took time to write a post on teenage dating.Well, here’s the back story: At the end of a study in Ruth, I asked two young girls if they had any questions.I only suggest dating if you’re the kind of teen who already pursues purity and seeks God’s help with the icky parts of your lives — the secret habitual sins and heart issues that prevent you from being a dedicated, loving Christian.You pursue purity and sanctification not because you think you can earn your salvation, but because you value God’s perfect standards, and you want, more than anything, to have a relationship with He who is Holy (Matthew , 1 John 3:3, Ephesians 5:1-7). In order to guard yourself from the many opportunities for sexual sin a dating situation, you are the kind of teen who will set boundaries at the onset of the dating relationship (not you’ve crossed those boundaries).Youth and teen Christian books are created to prepare and protect your teenagers from everything the world will throws at them; building their faith and strengthening their most helpful relationships.Youth Bibles and teen Bible study guides are written with the energy and relevance to keep active minds thinking on God.

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So you’re patiently praying for a believing man who loves Christ than he loves you and is an obedient disciple (John , 21).If this describes you, you’re likely a teen who understands that romantic relationships are hard and require a lot of work.So you won’t investment those efforts and emotions into someone you can’t marry (I.e., a nonbeliever).One girl looked at me with an “I have a burning question I want to ask, but I don’t know if I should” kind of look that made me very nervous.