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They have one daughter named, Charlie Mae who was born on 7 September 2015.

She posted this picture on Twitter last week along with the words: 'Pure happiness.

Apparently Emily Van Camp has a thing for brothers. Before you let your mind completely sink into the gutter, I should tell you that I'm not in any way talking about real life (Emily has three fans who've been rooting for Emily's character, Rebecca (a recently discovered half-sister who resulted from their father's secret affair), to fully integrate herself into the Walker family.

Instead, confidently recalling the advice that, "You are your own master," you can change what happens by taking action.

Broody: After becoming an aunt, the 27-year-old said she is so 'excited' to have children of her own.And now, Dave is engaged to actress Odette Yustman (starring in this Friday's theatrical release this season, so sadly, all is not well in the marriage of Rebecca and Justin.I'm told Odette has been cast as a nurse who starts to fall for Justin, as he's still mending his broken heart from his split with Rebecca. Spoiler alert: The storyline will jump ahead one year from the car crash in which we last saw all the Walkers, and you'll be surprised at how much some of them have mention who's in the picture and who is out.For Annable, 28, and Van Camp, 21, the twist can’t come soon enough.