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06-Mar-2018 06:52

Gender segregation has become seen as rather outdated.

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'I really thought it was a problem Google itself had to fix,' he said.

There is also an animated adaption, Ctrl Alt Del: The Animated Series.

The 28-year-old Google software engineer who was fired on Monday for writing a 'sexist' internal memo has given his first interview to an alt-right star.

James Damore appeared on right-winger Stefan Molyneaux's You Tube show on Tuesday, defending his diatribe that claimed women were not biologically cut out for the tech industry.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai called the 10-page essay, which was leaked to the media on Sunday, 'not OK'.Single women tend to be politically very liberal, voting for the Democrats in huge numbers, while in Britain Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has overwhelming support among young women, the vast majority of whom are unmarried.Generally speaking, the culture wars are far more intense between women because women have to make more sacrifices — whether children or career — and this inevitably influences their worldview.This was used as placeholder content until the main storyline was rebooted, now featuring Ethan and Lucas as a gaming-themed superhero team, with a marked change in drawing style, being much more dynamic and detailed.